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North Carolina Veterans Help

davnashville started this conversation

If you are a veteran or have a veteran in you familiy and live in North Carolina there are several resources that you can tap if you find your self in need. Drop me a line and I can help.

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am homeless cause i cant work, stressed out and hungry. i applied for disability but that could take months what can i do now is there any help out there
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Looking for help with vital bills such as power and car. In Lincolnton NC. Please help.
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I really need some kind of assistance.. I can't seem to find a job nowhere and been unemployed for almost two years I don't have any more unemployment coming in and been searching my ass off for a job but no luck. I'm on the verge of losing my car which I can't even drive right now because I can't afford to get my car fixed either... Depression and suicidal thoughts have ran through my mind a lot lately because I don't feel like i'm good enough for anything. Noone seems to give a damn about what's going on with me and i seriously at times think i'm better off as worm food.
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jpl   in reply to hollywoodnc
One group you may contact is Military Missions in Action in Fuquay Varina. The founder is Mike Dorman and they work to help veterans such as yourself. 919-552-1603
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hello my name is anthony

i am in emergency need of financial help with my mortgage

please contact via email

100 disabled vet iraq 2003
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I live in Winston Salem, NC, and I've been waiting for an increase in my disability rating.

Until I hear something, I have to contend with a severely leaking roof.  My house is in dire need of repairs, ranging $50,000.00+.  I cringe whenever I hear the weather report calling for rain.

I applied for assistance with my local housing authority, but now they claim that I do not qualify for assistance being that I do not possess enough equity.

I'm in a world of hurt, and depression, and it seems like no one is listening or gives a damn.

Unfortunately, there are no organizations to help Veterans, disabled, and/or the poor, when problems like mine exist.

State agencies are not receiving cooperation from local officials...

these are sad times indeed.

IF and WHEN I am approved, and I can recoup from this multi-year dilemma, I WILL write a book about this.

Thank You in Advance.

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